Computer and Networking Setup and Configuration

So you have a business but you are looking to add or upgrade your computer/network system. We provide the following services:

Computer Setup

- Procurement

- Hardware Setup

- Operating System Install

- Application(s) Install


- Router/Cable Procurement

- Hardware and Cabling Setup

- Security Settings Setup

- Network Drive Setup

- Guest Wi-Fi Setup

- Network Printing Setup

- Shared Folders Setup

Computer and Networking Maintenance

Do you want to keep your computers running smoothly? We can help with this. We provide the following services:

Data Backups

Data Recovery

System Maintenance

- Virus Scan

- Disk Defragmentation

- Disk Cleanup

Data Analysis/Reporting

Do you want to better understand your customers and business? Did you know that you can analyze market share, inventory levels/turns, customer/product trends, seasonality and so on through proper reporting? Knowing your business at this deep of a level will help you make smarter decisions. Let us find you ways to increase profits.

We provide the following services:

Data Analysis

- Market Share

- Inventory Levels/Turns

- Customer/Product Trends

- Seasonality

- And More...

Recurring Reporting

- Weekly/Monthly Reporting Cycles